Allow images in menu items in Drupal 7

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Do you want to show images in menu items in Drupal 7? E.g. a Twitter logo beside some text?

You could (1) use the Menu Icons module or (2) add a simple theming function in your theme.

Add the following theming function to your template.php file in your theme:

 * Allows for images as menu items.
 * Just supply the an image path in the title. The image path will be replaced
 * with an img tag. The description is used as alt text and title.
 * Implements theme_menu_link().
 * Reference:
function YOUR_THEME_menu_link($variables) {
$element = &$variables['element'];

$pattern = '/\S+\.(png|gif|jpg)\b/i';
  if (
preg_match($pattern, $element['#title'], $matches) > 0) {
$element['#title'] = preg_replace($pattern,
'<img alt = "' . $element['#localized_options']['attributes']['title'] . '" src = "' . url($matches[0]) . '" />',
$element['#localized_options']['html'] = TRUE;


An image path (recognized by the ending .png, .gif or .jpg) in the title of the menu item will be replaced with an image tag. E.g. "sites/default/files/images/twitter.png Follow" will show the Twitter image with the text Follow.