Conditional concatenate in LibreOffice

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How to conditionally concatenate texts in LibreOffice?

Conditional concatenate can be useful for example if you want to construct one command line from selected rows.

For sums, there is SUMIF, but not for strings.

However, there is a solution with an intermediate step: Use a separate column for the evaluated condition. Afterwards, the range of the "conditioned text" can be concatenated.


Concatenate text separated by space where the condition is 1.

Text Condition Conditioned Text Formula
A 1 A =IF(B2=1;A2&" ";"")
B =IF(B3=1;A3&" ";"")
C 1 C =IF(B4=1;A4&" ";"")
D =IF(B5=1;A5&" ";"")
Conditional concatenated text A C =CONCAT(C2:C4)