Red/Yellow/Green State in LibreOffice Calc

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How to show red/yellow/green state in columns for non-empty rows in LibreOffice Calc? E.g. for a todo list?

Value based states can be done using conditional formatting.


Content Color Example Interpretation
0 / Empty red 0 to do
0 < x < 1 yellow 0.8 started
>= 1 green 12.10.2020 done
< 0 white -1 ignore,
not relevant

List of states


Red, yellow, green state exampleRed, yellow, green state example

Write something in the column A and the cell next to it will show a red state.

Write the number indicating the state in the cell in column B, e.g. 1 and the cell changes the color.

How to do it?

  1. Create three styles. Menu StylesNew Style… and set the background color according to the name:
    • Green
    • Yellow
    • Red
    • Strikethrough
  2. Open Menu FormatConditionalManage…
  3. Click on Add
  4. Add three conditions
    1. Formula isAND(B1 >= 1, ISNUMBER(B1), NOT(ISBLANK($A1)))
      Apply Style: Green
    2. Formula isAND(B1 = 0, NOT(ISBLANK($A1)), $A1 <> "")
      Apply Style: Red
    3. Formula isAND(B1 > 0, B1 < 1, ISNUMBER(B1), NOT(ISBLANK($A1)))
      Apply Style: Yellow
  5. Set the cell range. Set B:B for the whole column B.
  6. Add for column A:A the condition
    Formula isAND(ISNUMBER(B1), OR(B1 >= 1, B1 < 0)) Apply Style: Strikethrough

Manage Conditional Format DialogManage Conditional Format Dialog

I'm using the colored states for making todo or check lists in LibreOffice Calc. Or simply to show the state of rows like new, in progress or processed.

Version 7 of LibreOffice is now capable of saving it in working xlsx-File for Excel. So, I have saved it for Excel as well.