August 2012

Mark deletions and insertions with del and ins HTML tags (multilanguage support)

Good blogging practice recommends to mark deletions or insertions after publication. HTML provides for this purpose del and ins tag. These tags can be styled. But it isn't that simple. Removing a text-decoration such as line-through in a CSS :before meta class is unfortunately not possible. This, is really counter-intuitive, since font-style does not have this limitation.

Additionally, this solution supports multiple languages.

Here's my example:

This is deleted and inserted text.

This is <del datetime="25.08.2012">deleted</del> and <ins datetime="25.08.2012">inserted</ins> text.

Here is how to make it.

Add a simple Google search field to your site

How to add a simple and reliable search field for Drupal?

Some content management systems (CMS) do not provide good searching facilities. However, a good search is very helpful. There is a simple and free solution: Using the Google site: search parameter. Thus, the high quality Google search engine can be used.

The results are shown on Google. The Google results contain only pages form this domain.

Alternatively, there is the Google Custom Search Engine (CSE). This technique allows to show the results on the same homepage without changing to the Google site. However, CSE is more complicated and restricted.